TDA | historical projections

MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL Projections for both Fanduel and Draftkings are saved each day in a separate CSV prior to Main Slate lock. 

All projections are taken at 7pm unless noted in the timestamp. This means that when backtesting for lineup construction or accuracy, late breaking news, players in/out will not be reflected after this time. For instance, if Houston was playing at 9pm, and and James Harden wasn’t confirmed as OUT until 7:45pm the HOU game will not have the most accurate projections when looking at the 7pm CSV. To offset this, we are now taking CSV snapshots of the projections a second time at 10pm as well. Due to early slate times on weekends and holidays, or no late games, these 10pm snapshots may have incomplete data if there are no games after that time.